Commerce Mobile 2017
The Conference on Modern Mobile Technologies in E-commerce and Retail.
Saturday, October 21th, 2017
Utrecht, the Netherlands
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About conference

Commerce Mobile is an international practical conference on modern mobile technologies in e-commerce and retail: latest trends and emerging areas.

Main topics:

  • optimization of online stores for mobile devices;
  • implementation of online stores in the form of mobile apps.

Topics in related fields:

  • analyzing the behavior of mobile device users;
  • mobile tools to promote sales;
  • increasing sales for online stores, developing a strategy;
  • mobile-oriented search engine optimization.

What else:

  • comparing web and mobile for sales;
  • experience in creating mobile apps for stores: how to avoid mistakes.

If you have your own online store, you are engaged in retail sales or just about to start your own e-commerce business – this conference is for you!

Read more about modern mobile commerce

Smartphones have changed the world of commerce. Now people search for products and shop online using their mobile devices. According to a Nielsen study, 50% of conversions happened within an hour of the mobile searches.

According to Business Insider’s forecast, mobile sales will continue to grow and will reach 45% of the total online sales by 2020.

In 2016, Japan and the UK have become leading countries in m-commerce selling by 50% more on mobile than desktop (according to Criteo).

Another trend: victory of mobile apps over mobile websites. Apps are more convenient and faster for users, they convert 3 times more product views than mobile web. For details, click here.

Recently, mobile app promotion has become difficult as Google Play and App Store are overfilled (Google Play comprises 1.5 million apps, App Store - 1.4 million). To successfully promote your app, you need a marketing strategy that would be aimed at both attracting new users and retaining existing ones.

Commerce Mobile areas

Optimization of mobile web online stores
Mobile version of your online store works perfectly. But how many customers buy your products on mobile? If the volume of mobile sales on your website is low, you need to look for the cause. In most cases, adaptive mobile version repeats the operation of desktop version, but this is incorrect as the mobile user behavior differs from the desktop one. Often, it is difficult for the users to buy goods on the website using their smartphones and they go away. Optimization of mobile enabled version of your online store is the key to the solution.
Mobile online store design
Good UX and UI are the key to success in mobile sales. Online store must be understandable, convenient, fast for users, and also take into account the specifics of mobile format (screen size, slow communication channel).
Mobile marketing
Promotion of an online store differs from that of mobile app. This is because they have different operating principles, so therefore, they should have their own analytical, technical and advertising tools.
Mobile Payments
Payment for goods must be not only convenient, but also safe for the customers’ payment data (card numbers, CCV, etc.). Any device connected to the Internet may be hacked, so the role of developing highly secure web and mobile payment methods and solutions that reduce the risks of payment data theft is growing.
Website or App
You have an online store and think about a mobile app? Or you are just starting your business and it is important for you to choose the right sales channel? Today, the choice between a mobile website and an app is a thorny issue and the right choice is a tough call. Do you really need an app and what profit will it make for you? How much does the app cost and what costs will you incur while implementing marketing strategy?
Analytics of user behavior on mobile
Analyzing the actions of your users, their tastes, preferences, shopping history, you can build your advertising campaign more effectively. Analytics will help understand and satisfy the needs of all your users: new, existing, top and inactive ones.
Mobile tools for sales
New devices make shopping easier and more profitable making users happy. For example, search for stores and loyalty programmes (iBeacons devices), new ways of communication with customers (chatbots), payment via mobile devices (NFC technology), etc.
Cross-device commerce
Often a situation arises when a customer finds a product in an online store on a mobile device and makes a purchase on the desktop or vice versa. In order not to lose a customer, it is important to give them a convenient and understandable mechanism for transferring the purchase to the other devices.

This is for you, if

  • you have an online store;
  • you have a retail store;
  • you are a marketer, and you have to promote an online store and brands;
  • you are developer of online stores or mobile apps;
  • you want to start your own online or retail business and look for sales channels;
  • you are interested in mobile commerce trends.

What you will learn

  • e-commerce trends in 2017/2018;
  • optimization of mobile versions of online stores on real-world examples to boost sales;
  • modern solutions in mobile online store design, how the design boosts sales;
  • effective tools for online sales that contribute to a successful purchase;
  • capabilities of mobile apps as a priority sales channel;
  • how to create an effective marketing strategy aimed at mobile users;
  • solutions for effective and secure mobile payments.


Conference speakers are represented by experts from leading companies in the field of development and application of advanced mobile technologies and solutions.

Currently, the conference reports are being prepared.

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Jaarbeurs - one of the most famous event centers in the Netherlands. The center is located in Utrecht city and in a 5-minute walk from the central railway station Utrecht Centraal. Visit the official website for more info.

Jaarbeursplein 1, 3521 AL, Utrecht, the Netherlands


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