Retargeting is the key process for any advertising campaign, but which tools are most efficient today? Bastien Lac from Ad4Screen will show real-world examples of successful retargeting of e-commerce applications based on the Backtoapp platform.
Examples of the application of mobile technologies in retail sales from the founder of the leading British company in the development of mobile applications. Paul Swaddle from Pocket App will demonstrate the best cases of real projects.
Today, remarketing is an integral part of any marketing campaign. How to make a user use your application again? The strategy and tactics of solving this issue will be explained in the report of Aaron Watkins from Appency.
Notifications are one of the key functions of a mobile application. But how to notify users correctly to reach the goal and not make them irritated? Aaron Watkins from Appency will share the secrets of solving this difficult task.
Today there are many tools for analytics of your website or application, but how to choose exactly what is most suitable for your business? Hussain Mehmood from Effin Amazing will tell which marketing platforms are the best to use for e-commerce and how to analyze the obtained data efficiently.
On which platform an iOS/Android application for an online or retail store should be based to be inexpensive, reliable, and easily maintained? The experts from InsaneLab will share their experience of making of e-commerce applications based on Xamarin – one of the most popular cross-platform technologies for mobile development from Microsoft.
Your e-commerce application is ready for publication, but how to make it easy to find in stores? Today, there are about 1.4 million applications in Apple App Store and a proper search optimization in stores (ASO) is a key to successful promotion of your application. Moritz Daan from Phiture will share the latest secrets of search optimization of e-commerce applications in the Apple App Store.
Jaarbeurs is a well-known and popular venue for the organization of various exhibitions and events, having convenient transportation routes and the required infrastructure created over decades.

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